Thursday, February 2, 2012

5 Bedroom, 3 bath Nursery

January 17, 2012

On October 15, 2011 Brandon and I officially became home owners. Oddly enough the big things in our life always happen in October, starting from the first time he asked me out in the 6th grade. We arrived in Clarksville in September but had to wait for our house to be completed. So basically I spent the entire summer and all of September "nesting" in my head in preparation for our little bundle of love. I obsessed over colors and organization. So when we finally moved in it just got worse. Now I could physically see what I was stressing about. How many bins did I need under that changing table? What size? I have all this stuff and where should it go? I Googled "changing table organization" and bookmarked all pages I found with ideas and inspiration. Even after Grace told me that once the baby comes I'd learn exactly what I needed and everything I thought may go right out the window.

Well, she was right. I planned everything perfectly. I got the perfect, color coordinated bins filled them up with everything I thought I would need. It started out like this...

The decorating was not done at that point, but the changing table was flawlessly organized. 4 weeks later and this is our "changing table"...

So much for the nursery. I wish I was one of those Moms who had everything in it's perfect place for the arrival of the baby. And I wish I had the energy to walk across the house for every diaper change and use that organized table. But instead this is what we have. A makeshift changing table at the foot of our bed. It started out with just the diaper bin and a cloth to change him on. But after several diaper changes with either Brandon or myself sprinting across the living room in the dark to grab more wipes or an outfit change we decided that all the bins should come. So this our changing table. The living room is now the home of Elijah's favorite things- his swing and his play gym. The kitchen has all the bottles and bottle washing materials. The man cave has all of his laundry and will eventually be the home of his pack n' play. His monitor travels to almost every room in the house. Except the nursery. So far the only thing we use in the nursery is the glider. (Which is fabulous!) I know this will change as he grows older, but for right now, Eli's nursery is a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house that Brandon and I just happen to live in.

And we love it!

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