Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things that WORKED From Pinterest

I am obsessed with Pinterest! (Who isn't?) I just love it. Sometimes there are things on there that are kind of unattainable or ridiculously complicated. There are some pins that I have tried that have just backfired. But, there are a lot that I love and have actually worked or served as perfect inspiration. So here is my list for today!

In no particular order:

1.  Curtain Inspiration- I found this pin from the Elements of Style blog showing curtains hanging higher up on the wall to make the room look more elegant. I've used this inspiration a couple times. Here are a couple more pins that are in my future plans for my house. Tablecloth curtains. Front door curtains.

2. Chevron Wall- I love my chevron wall! I got the idea from the chevron trend that's all over Pinterest. I decided I needed something chevron in my house and I just went for it and did a whole wall! It was a little tedious and requires lots of measuring, leveling, and painters tape but it is worth it. You can see the end result here.

8. Eli's bench- I found this pin and I did a mini version in Eli's room. I used a smaller shelf from target and I made the seat cushion out of foam, batting, fabric, and Stitch Witchery. I didn't have a large enough space to use the bookcases from the pin but maybe someday I'll use these somewhere else in my house again.

7. Recipes- So far I have made 20 recipes from Pinterest! And most of them were a total success. My favorites have been: Shepherd's Pie, Toasted Sesame Ginger Salmon, and Mushroom Ragout. These recipes are from different sources, but I found them as a result of a Pinterest post. I now use Pinterest as my go-to for recipes. Yum!

6. Metallic paint- I love this stuff! I raved about it on my last Tuesday's Ten on Tuesday. I got the idea here and just modified it for my use. I love spray paint!

5. Fashion Inspiration- There are endless possibilities on Pinterest that I've drawn inspiration from. I love the fashion and beauty ideas! Especially when I'm feeling like I'm in a rut, I can go to Pinterest and find something refreshing. I've used a few ideas and blogged about them here and here.

4. Sensory games- I love this Pin! I blogged all about it here. All these sensory activities are so easy and fun! I can't wait to try more of them as Eli gets older!

3. Elijah's Birth Details Sign- I love this idea! I found them all over Pinterest when I was designing Eli's nursery and had a good friend make me one. It's the perfect way to display all the details of that day and a wonderful keepsake. Here's our Eli sign.

2. Emmitt's blocks- For my little God baby's 1st Bday I made him name blocks with pictures of him from throughout the year. I got the idea and instructions from this pin. I have to say, they were pretty stinkin' cute and mostly because of Emmitt's sweet face :)  You can see his blocks and other fun birthday pictures here!

1. The Cozy Guest Room- This pin was incredibly useful! I love the idea of a cozy and welcoming guest room and this pin helped me achieve that.What a great list!

What are your Pinterest success stories? Pinterest fails?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday!