Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things that WORKED From Pinterest

I am obsessed with Pinterest! (Who isn't?) I just love it. Sometimes there are things on there that are kind of unattainable or ridiculously complicated. There are some pins that I have tried that have just backfired. But, there are a lot that I love and have actually worked or served as perfect inspiration. So here is my list for today!

In no particular order:

1.  Curtain Inspiration- I found this pin from the Elements of Style blog showing curtains hanging higher up on the wall to make the room look more elegant. I've used this inspiration a couple times. Here are a couple more pins that are in my future plans for my house. Tablecloth curtains. Front door curtains.

2. Chevron Wall- I love my chevron wall! I got the idea from the chevron trend that's all over Pinterest. I decided I needed something chevron in my house and I just went for it and did a whole wall! It was a little tedious and requires lots of measuring, leveling, and painters tape but it is worth it. You can see the end result here.

8. Eli's bench- I found this pin and I did a mini version in Eli's room. I used a smaller shelf from target and I made the seat cushion out of foam, batting, fabric, and Stitch Witchery. I didn't have a large enough space to use the bookcases from the pin but maybe someday I'll use these somewhere else in my house again.

7. Recipes- So far I have made 20 recipes from Pinterest! And most of them were a total success. My favorites have been: Shepherd's Pie, Toasted Sesame Ginger Salmon, and Mushroom Ragout. These recipes are from different sources, but I found them as a result of a Pinterest post. I now use Pinterest as my go-to for recipes. Yum!

6. Metallic paint- I love this stuff! I raved about it on my last Tuesday's Ten on Tuesday. I got the idea here and just modified it for my use. I love spray paint!

5. Fashion Inspiration- There are endless possibilities on Pinterest that I've drawn inspiration from. I love the fashion and beauty ideas! Especially when I'm feeling like I'm in a rut, I can go to Pinterest and find something refreshing. I've used a few ideas and blogged about them here and here.

4. Sensory games- I love this Pin! I blogged all about it here. All these sensory activities are so easy and fun! I can't wait to try more of them as Eli gets older!

3. Elijah's Birth Details Sign- I love this idea! I found them all over Pinterest when I was designing Eli's nursery and had a good friend make me one. It's the perfect way to display all the details of that day and a wonderful keepsake. Here's our Eli sign.

2. Emmitt's blocks- For my little God baby's 1st Bday I made him name blocks with pictures of him from throughout the year. I got the idea and instructions from this pin. I have to say, they were pretty stinkin' cute and mostly because of Emmitt's sweet face :)  You can see his blocks and other fun birthday pictures here!

1. The Cozy Guest Room- This pin was incredibly useful! I love the idea of a cozy and welcoming guest room and this pin helped me achieve that.What a great list!

What are your Pinterest success stories? Pinterest fails?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. You are really the pinterest queen! You have done so much! I can say that your guest room is beyond cozy and other pinteresters should be getting inspiration from you!! I forgot about that shepherds pie, i'm going to make that this week! Love you!!

  2. Cait's right, you really are! You make DIY look stylish and chic ;)! My pinterest success stories include a few recipes, surprisingly enough for me, and tons of inspiration for fashion and home. The DIY stuff I'm way less successful at completing and I was not friends with spray paint, even though everyone loves it. I think it's my grandma hands, but you sure make me want to give it another try with that metallic paint. Great list!

  3. Awesome list! I'm constantly in awe of gals like you that actually manage to do crafts and such so wonderfully. =)