Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Grace and I have started this new Tuesday blog series- Ten on Tuesday! Every Tuesday it'll be a new list of ten things going on in our lives. Check out her list here!

I am a Bravo TV addict. At any given moment throughout the day I know I can turn it to Bravo and I'll be interested in whatever is on. I just love it. In July I stumbled upon "10 Things that Make Me Happy" with Kyle Richards and Jonathan Adler. It was just a half hour show about 10 things, big and small, that make them happy. What a fabulous idea! So I borrowed it for my Tuesday post. :) Here we go!

10. Metallic Spray Paint: Yes. Random. But this stuff is amazing! I've used it on furniture hardware, frames, and a vase. I'm excited to try it on my $8 junk store lamp, faux pumpkins for fall decor, and more. I'm addicted. I need to SPRAY PAINT! 

9. Bargain Hunt: More commonly referred to as the "broken box store". And that is exactly what it is. All the items are either closeout or have damaged packaging. I have found some great gems and I've never spent more that $60 on any of them. My favorite finds are my two Trina Turk pillows, Kimchi Blue suede pumps, Sam Edelman boots, my reading corner chair (that's right, they have furniture!), and a Dwell Studio duvet cover. Amazing. It really makes me so happy.

8. Jonathan Adler: I had just recently discovered Jonathan Adler through my fabulous friend with fabulous interiors, Grace. After the "10 Things That Make Me Happy" show I was official obsessed! He's is fantastic! As a person, as a designer, as a ping pong player. This inside of his home is awesome! So much color and amazing randomness. Makes me happy!

7. New Girl: OB-sessed. I love love love this show! Zooey Deschanel and crew make me laugh until I cry. When I'm feel a little blue or run down I know I can always dig into the DVR and play my New Girl episodes and immediately feel better. Laughing really is the best medicine. And it makes me so happy! 

6. Adam Lambert: Okay. This one indirectly makes me happy. I like Adam Lambert as much as the next pop music fan, but my Aunt LOVES him! And her fierce obsession makes me so happy! She is a crazed "Glambert" and proud. She saw him in concert on back-to-back nights in July, travelling 8 hours in between, and rocked out until the wee hours of the morning. She is TOTALLY fabulous! And I love hearing her crazy stories and helping her pick her rockin' outfits. Now if I can just get her to wear her fake lashes we'd be in business. :) Aunt B and her "fall into the glitter" attitude makes me so happy!

5. My Wall: My current most favorite wall in my house is in my living room. Painted by my best dude friend and Grace's hubs, Jaron, the lovely color Sassy Peach by Valspar. (I will try to refrain from using the name of the color when tell my husband about it.) It is beautiful! And with my new owl vase and other accessorizing, it's my favorite wall in my house right now.  Every time I walk up my stairs it makes my happy! I love it! ( I will post pictures in a later blog. It's pretty awesome!)

4. Put A Bird On It: Speaking of my owl vase, this video brightens my day. And has inspired my goal to have at least one bird in every room in my house. Watch and love.

3. Boots: I am addicted to boots. I'm serious. I love boots, boot weather, and boot shopping! From time to time I can be found wandering around my house in pajamas and a pair of boots, trying to will fall to come my way. I can't wait to wear all my boots, and until it's cool enough to wear them, I will shop for them! Boots make me happy.

2. My Countdown: Folks, we are closing in on September. And you know what that means?? My husband is coming home!!! Yes! Yes! Jump in the air and high five, yes! I always wait until I have an un-depressing number of days left to commit my countdown to writing. And currently we are under 40 days until HOMECOMING! Hello!! This makes me SO STINKIN HAPPY! (And also makes me use a lot of exclamation points!!!!! Duh.)

Finally, the Number 1 thing that makes me happy:

1. This face: 

I mean, how could you not be happy looking at this grin! The little man who's helped me through this deployment. He makes me the happiest momma in the world. Love. Happy.

Join in the fun! What makes you happy today?


  1. Oh my goodness, LOVE this list!! Love everything about it. Love that you included the Portlandia skit, because everyone needs to see that. LOVE that you are in countdown mode for your HUSBAND to get home!! Woot!! And you're totally right about Eli's sweet smile... pure joy, that one!!

  2. OMG!! Look at how big he's gotten!!! So excited for you that Brandon will be home SOON!!! YAY!!!!!

  3. RE: #6: I'm about to cry glitter tears!! Aww....you "get me" and you "get Adam" too! Thanks for understanding my "cuckoo" obsession with the Glam One! And now...shall we sing? "Well I was walkin for some time, when I came across this sign, sayin who are you n where are ya from, we don't like when visitors come!" LOL :) GLAMBERT FOR EVAH!!! Luv you, Aunt B. Lambert ❤

  4. I LOVE that pic of Eli- it's perfect! And I MUST try the spray paint.