Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm Back...

Before I started this post I went back to the last post I wrote and realized it has been way longer than I thought since I blogged! Shame on me. I must say, I've written so many blogs in my head, but just haven't had time to sit and type them out. Let's just say it's been an eventful few months!

Quick overview. Ready? Brandon got home! Right near the end of September. And it was amazing! We were a little worried about how Eli would be with Brandon. He had just hit his stride in the "stranger danger" phase and I knew all Brandon would want was to love on his boy. It was truly a beautiful thing. After a few hours of hesitant intrigue and a good night sleep it seemed as though Eli knew exactly who Daddy was. And it just gets better every day. The snuggling, the belly laughs, the wrestling! Oh! These boys pull at my heart strings. Makes me so happy. 

In December we loaded up the truck and headed to the homeland for the holidays. After a quick stop in Fort Worth for the OU/TCU football game (Go Frogs!) we continued to Oklahoma for a whole month. And what a December it was! Time with family and friends can really recharge the soul. And the first order of business was a day I had been planning for a year (at least). Our Eli turned 1! And we partied! In fact, the party planning took up so much of my brain that I only had a short Mommy breakdown at the thought of my little baby boy becoming a toddler. Don't worry. As Grace mentioned, I will post lots of pictures and details soon. It was perfect! So after partying, presents, and far too much delicious food we headed home. With the truck overflowing and a few extra pounds of holiday weight (thanks Oklahoma) we pulled away from my Dad's house and started counting the days until we're back again. 

Two days after we got back I started my new job. Oh yeah, did I mention? I got a JOB! And I just marvel at God's planning on this one. Right before we left for Oklahoma and happened to drive by a Montessori school near downtown Clarksville. The sign said "Now enrolling 6 weeks to 8 years old". I had promised Brandon that I would start looking for child care for Eli so I could start back work in the new year, but let's be honest. I was dragging my feet a little. So I thought this Montessori school looked interesting. I'd studied the Montessori method in college and had always thought I would send Eli to a Montessori preschool when the time came. So I called scheduled a tour and a job interview. And we both got in :)  So I'm a Kindergarten teacher at Little Scholars Montessori in Clarksville and Elijah is a member of the Baby Bugs class. His classroom is approximately 30 feet from mine. Perfection. I can sneak a peek at my little guy all day long. I love it. 

I can't wait to write more about Eli's party and my new job and all the happenings. More to come, but for now I leave you with this....


  1. That is so awesome you got a job! And how awesome Eli is there too! God's planning IS truly awesome. Unbelievable! Love this picture. Your little guy has the best smile!

  2. Yay! Finally, you're back ;). Love that picture!!

  3. a) Eli's hair is killing cute! b) That's awesome that he goes to the same school as you! How perfect :) I'm so so glad for all of you that Brandon and Eli found their groove quick, love you all!

  4. I love that picture of you three. Congrats on the job! It's so perfect that Eli can be there with you. Happy times!