Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ombré Nails

Trend to Try: Ombré Nails

I usually do my own nails because I'm not patient enough for a professional manicure. (I never wait the appropriate amount of time before leaving the salon and almost always ruin my nails on the way out.) Doing my own nails allows me to try different colors without the pressure of ruining a $40 manicure. This week the trend I tried was Ombré nails. And I love it!

For "starter" ombré nails you need three colors in the same color family. I chose red. (I already had two complementary reds, so I just needed to buy one new polish. Perfect.) The idea is to start at one end, either pinky or thumb, with the darkest color on two nails, the lighter color on the next two, and finally the lightest on the last nail. I played around with the colors for awhile, did it a few different ways, and ended up with this:

Not the "traditional" ombré nails, but I like it like this. Now that I've discovered I love it I'm going to try new colors. Next color family: Blue!

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  1. So cute! Love how you changed it up a bit! I'm the worst about waiting long enough to let dry, which is why I only get instant dry now. Loveyourombrenailsguts!