Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wearing Green and a Smile

Today was a great day for a few reasons.

1) Today Eli is 3 months old! The time has totally flown by. He's growing and changing so much everyday. It makes me so happy and stresses me out, all at the same time. Lately, Eli has been "talking" up a storm. He makes the greatest little noises and coos and it really seems like he's got a lot to say! I love it. Also, he's learned to grab on to things. His blanket, his toys, my hair (ouch!). It's so amazing to watch him lay on his play mat and really focus on wrapping his little hand around this little bee rattle. Incredible. The last Eli milestone I'll share is his new love of rolling onto his side. Every time I put him down he rolls onto his side and holds his little hands in front of his chest and just rests. He looks like Brandon when he's laying on the couch and watching TV. It really is so cute!

Here is Eli at 1 month, 2 months, and today. That bear is getting smaller! Right? Right?

2) Eli's little best friend, and my awesome Godson, Emmitt is 11 months old today!(I know they may not know they're best friends yet, but Emmitt's mom and I will make sure it happens.) I'm so thankful to have Emmitt and his fabulous parents in my life. Raising our boys together, whether we're near or far, will be such a wonderful adventure! TCU Freshman Class of 2028??

3) St. Patrick's Day! Holidays and kind of just weekends in general are a little rough when Brandon is gone. I really miss hanging out with him. And, like my Mom, I love making a big deal of every little holiday that comes our way. It's a little hard to do that when you're alone. But I realized, I'm not alone! I have little Elijah to celebrate with this year. So we dressed all in green and made the day fun all on our own. I decided that since I'm on my cooking kick I would celebrate with something festive. So for dinner I made this...

That's right... Shepherd's Pie. Oh. My. Gosh. I have never had Shepherd's Pie before and I'm actually a little sad about it. It is amazing! The recipe I used is from a lifestyle blog I found through Pinterest called Iowa Girl Eats. You can find her post with the recipe here. It was perfect. I love Shepherd's Pie.

Eli and I ended the night with a homemade Shamrock Shake and a good snuggle. Hope you had a wonderful day! Did anyone else cook, eat, or drink anything in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day?


  1. Happy 3 and 11 months to our boys!! I love the month pics of Eli and I love hearing about all of his milestones. Shepherd's Pie is one of my very favorites. My mom made Irish Lamb Stew and scones for St. Patrick's Day and it was tasty! Can't wait to try the Shamrock Shake!

  2. Can't believe Eli is 3 months already! Getting so big, and even cuter! =)