Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Gift of Time?

Here's the situation. It's Saturday afternoon and I have been wanting to get out of the house and try to do some wandering. Target, Hobby Lobby, maybe even the mall. The problem is that I have been waiting for my little Elijah to get up for 2 hours. But he is still peacefully sleeping in his swing. He's been napping for 3 hours. And it's stressing me out. I knew being a mother meant constantly worrying about my child, but what I didn't realize is that the worrying happens during normal behavior as much as it does during abnormal behavior. I worry when Eli doesn't sleep enough and then I worry when he sleeps too much. Is he going through enough diapers? Now too many diapers? Too much to eat? Too little? Ahhh! It can drive a girl crazy. But now to my question on timing....

Sleeping. The other day my son slept a lot all day long. I was grateful for this little gift of time. I showered, did laundry, and at an entire meal sitting down. Incredible. I even managed to feed him, change him, and place him in his bassinet without really waking him up. I was so ready for a good night's sleep. Then at midnight Eli woke up, and stayed up, all night long. I was so tired that I had to walk with him because I thought if I sat down I'd dose off. He wasn't crying or fussing, he was just awake, and wanted to be held. I was fussy. I wanted to cry. I just wanted to be held. Now, I know you're not suppose to wake a sleeping baby, but how to I avoid this night and day switch? Do I wake him or just enjoy the gift of time? How do I let him nap during the day and get him to sleep at night? Any advice?


  1. He is TOO CUTE! I wish I had advice...maybe start writing letters for the mall to be open 24 hours? Shop at 1am?

  2. Where do you let him nap during the day? Are you extremely quiet around him and keep it dark? When Tally was teeny tiny I would have her nap in the living room in a bassinet with the tv on and blinds open. Let him know it's day time. Don't tip toe around. When it's time to eat, wake him up. Eat, play, sleep, repeat. Make an ideal schedule of what you want the day to look like and stick to it. It won't always be to the minute but try to stay close. I was not a huge babywise mom but this website helped me a TON!! At the top click on Blog Index and click schedules. She goes over how to get baby on a schedule. It was a life saver for me. It will also get so much easier as he gets older. You're doing a great job!! Motherhood is the hardest but most rewarding job, ever!!

  3. Definitely let him see the light of day while he has short awake periods, so he'll know it's daytime. He will get himself turned around, don't worry! You're awesome!!